Celia Delaney
Client: Museum of London
Location: London
Agency: Something More Near
Date: 2018 - Ongoing

The Challenge: As part of its high profile move to  the historic Smithfield Market, the Museum of London executive board wanted to transform it’s position in the cultural sector, remain relevant, and radically rethink how it engages with its audiences and broader community.

The Work: I’ve worked as the engagement lead in a small team on a series of community engagement projects over 3 years with the museum, inviting public groups to help answer major strategic questions from exhibition concepts, curatorial principles and brand architecture. 

The Impact: The museum board have been both challenged in thier thinking, and supported to make critical, brave decisions about the direction of the new museum, informed and supported by the voice of the community. The museum has since created a designated internal engagement team, determined to continue participatory approaches to research in the future.

The work we have done has won Something More Near the brand identity project, which begins in late September alongside Uncommon creative studio.