Celia Delaney
Client: Violet Advance Care Planning
Agency: Portable
Location: Melbourne
Date: 2021

The Challenge: Research by Violet, an end of life organisation uncovered that “of the 100,000 predicative deaths in Australia each year, more than 50% have regretful outcomes”. One solution to this is Advance Care Planning, but few Australians are aware of the process, with even fewer completing an ACP before the last stages of thier lives. Violet asked Portable to create a digital tool that encourages conversations about Advance Care Plans, with simple steps to help them get started.

The Work: Due to a tight budget and deadline, we ran a very lean process, recruiting a group of pariticipants to engage in a discovery workshop and a co-design session, generating research and ideas for a digital intervention. Despite a small sample group, we uncovered a vast range of attitudes and motivations. I worked closely with an experience designer to design a simple protoype based on a working hypothesis, for a conversational tool that encourages people to think about how thier values effect their end of life choices. We then ran a series of remote testing sessions with new participants to test our hypothesis, with mixed responses.

Overall, we learnt that the appetite and need for a tool like this is high. However, after hearing from our testing group, we discovered the research leading to our hypothesis was skewed by a lack of diversity in our research participants.

The Impact: The protoype and report we delivered to Violet is being used as a pitch deck to find further funding from thier partners to continue the work. Overall the client was pleased, and learnt a lot about the importance of recruitment in design research.