Celia Delaney
Client: NW Melbourne Primary Health Network
Agency: Portable
Location: Melbourne
Date: 2020

The Challenge: For most of us, the journey to end of life is new and unknown. Whilst there are many service out there to support us and our loved ones, knowing what services you are eligible for and how to access them, or simply where to start, remains a struggle. North West Melbourne Primary Health Network want to address this issue with a new community service directory.

The Work: This mammoth project was conducted in sprints, starting with community research, through to design and prototyping, technical scoping and ending with a seperatly scoped build project. As the principle strategist, I worked on the research, content strategy, feature design and testing phases, speaking with dying people, their carers, service providers and healthcare experts about the barriers to finding support and services in the area. 

We realised early on that the problem is far deeper than a lack of awareness or information. With help from community experts Groundswell and co-design participants, we designed Lately, a tool that not only directs people to the services they need, but encourages them to find the emotional, social and spiritual support services they need alongside their medical needs.

In testing sessions, we learnt how to build and distribute a tool suitable for a predomenently older user group, and spoke with cultural leaders and specific community groups about making a tool accessible and relevant to Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse audiences.

The Impact: Lately is the first tool of its kind in this area, and has been built in a way that allows other PHN’s from across Australia to implement it within thier communities. The first iteration of Lately is due to go live at the end of 2021, with further design updates and specific research projects already scoped for future releases.